Iguana Facts


  • Green Iguanas can and will reach 5 to 6 feet and weigh up to 18 pounds. There is a reason that many are calling them “Giant Green Igiguanas-4uanas”.
  • Green Iguanas WILL need a portion of a room or an entire room when they reach adulthood. Keeping a 5 foot lizard in a fishtank of any size is just impossible.
  • Adult male Green Iguanas most likely will become aggressive (sometimes maddeningly so) for 3 months of the year in honor of breeding season. Picture a 10 pound Iguana running towards you with lust in his eye.
  • Adult female Green Iguanas are highly likely to produce eggs even without a male present during breeding season every year. Without proper care they can die from this.
  • Iguanas DO NOT eat crickets or any other animal/insect protein! The pet store people can sound very convincing when they tell you that baby iguanas need crickets to grow. In fact, iguanas are not equipped to digest animal/insect protein at all. Feeding insect prey will shorten your iguanas life by many years.
  • Green Iguanas require a highly specialized, varied all-vegetable diet. Even with the best intentions many iguanas die from poor diets, usually related to bad care advice from the pet store.
  • The setup for a Green Iguana can run into the hundreds of dollars. Can you afford this? The UV light alone costs over $20 and needs to be replaced every 6 months.

  • Green Iguanas will require that you continue to stay abreast of recent developments. New findings come out and our captive care guidelines change periodically.