iPEC Coaching Certification

ipec coaching certification

The iPEC program provides you with the tools to become a master coach, thriving business owner, and influential leader. After you complete the program, you will receive an ICF-accredited coaching certification. Once you have received this certification, you will be part of a long-term partnership with iPEC. The iPEC team is committed to helping you make a difference in the lives of others.

320 hours of ICF accredited coach training

The 320 hours of ICF accredited coach training offered by iPEC is comparable to the equivalent of a graduate-level master’s program. Unlike other coach training programs, which offer a single certificate, this one includes four specializations that total 320 hours of training. Students are required to complete a number of courses, including three required client coaching experiences. Additionally, students must complete a final examination known as the Coach Knowledge Assessment, and attend classes regularly.

The iPEC program offers many opportunities for specializing. Students must complete 320 hours of training with a six-hour weekly time commitment. The program also emphasizes positive psychology concepts, including diversity training, working with marginalized groups, and toxic environments. Other modules include business development and coaching ethics. These modules are designed to further the learning of each student. For more information, visit the ICF event calendar.

$3,547 price tag

If you’re interested in becoming a life coach, you’ve likely heard about IPEC coaching certification. This institute, founded by Bruce Schneider, offers three different certifications and is a great option for serious life coach contestants. The institute teaches business basics and marketing strategies, as well as how to market your coaching business. However, IPEC’s three-year course costs $11,950, and there’s no payment plan.

You can get your IPEC certification online, and you don’t need to enroll in a classroom setting. The program includes 346 pages of online materials, 8 hours of audio files, and weekly online classes. There are also coach-the-coach and group mentoring sessions. There are also assignments and self-study materials to complete. The IPEC coaching certification price tag of $3,547 includes everything you need to become a successful life coach, including a website.

Business development training

The iPEC program offers a comprehensive coach training curriculum focused on the core competencies of coaching. The program is comprised of three 3-day live intensive modules spaced out over nine months. Students can earn a coaching certification in business development, executive coaching, or one of three proprietary processes. The iPEC program includes all necessary tools, instruction, and no surprises. To learn more about iPEC, visit the IPEC website.

Students can choose to pursue a Generalist or Specialist focus, with the latter being more popular. iPEC’s three-day training program has both online and on-site options, with modules being spread out over three months. Students can attend these trainings physically in a city of their choice or virtually from any location. For students who want to focus on a specific field, the iPEC program is a great option.


If you are looking for a certification in coaching, IPEC has a program to help you get there. This credentialing program offers specialized training in nine niche areas. You can begin with one area and progress to others as you become more experienced and confident. iPEC training focuses on challenging perspectives and developing transformational coaching skills. You will also learn about foundational coaching theory and how to guide your clients as well as hold them accountable.

iPEC training is made up of three live intensive training sessions (called “Modules”) that are spread out over three months. You can attend the trainings in person or virtually from anywhere in the world. The cost of the training varies according to the program. For a comprehensive training program, the iPEC membership is well worth the price. The iPEC training program takes about five hours per week to complete.

Peer coaching

The IPEC peer coaching certification is the only credential that recognizes the expertise and professional development of a coach. Its governing body, the International Coaching Federation, accredits accredited coaching training programs. Since the ICF has no financial stake in iPEC or any other coaching institution, they are unbiased and free from any potential conflicts of interest. Because of this, they can assess the value of iPEC as a coach certification program with ease.

The iPEC accreditation process is highly regarded by the coaching industry. The program offers students a chance to work on a coaching scenario with a peer coach and develop their coaching muscle. Because peer coaching focuses on growth, IPEC students gain confidence and experience. They also get to work with industry leaders and peers on a wide variety of challenging cases. And because the curriculum is growth-focused, iPEC’s standards have garnered industry respect.