Playground line marking, also known as schoolyard stencilling

Playground line marking, also known as schoolyard stencilling or playground spray painting, is the process of applying stencils and markings to a hard surface like concrete, bitumen or brick to mark boundaries in games or sporting activities. From simple white lines to colourful shapes and patterns, the possibilities are endless! Whether you are a contractor or a DIY user, there is a line marker and paint bundle deal to suit your needs in the Zebra range.

Among the many benefits of playground line marking are that it encourages children to get outside during break times and engage in healthy, active activities. With obesity rates increasing, it is important to keep kids active during the school day, and sports games played on a basketball court or netball pitch, for example, can help. Games such as hopscotch and four square, which can be easily made up with a set of playground markings, provide an opportunity for them to become physically active while learning social skills.

In addition, it has been shown that the use of playground markings has a positive impact on children’s behaviour both inside and out of the classroom. This is because children are more likely to interact with each other while playing outdoors, which helps them build essential social skills. The increased sociability, in turn, leads to children feeling more energised and ready to learn during their lessons.

Another benefit of playground markings is that it improves physical skills such as hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness and more. Games such as target games and even a modified version of tag, which requires children to stick to the coloured lines, will not only improve their fitness, but will also teach them to focus and pay attention.

Thermoplastic playground markings are a great choice for schools, as they will not fade due to heavy weathering and can be brushed with a soft brush or pressure washer to restore their colour. The thermoplastic is also highly durable and can withstand the toughest of playground conditions.

There is no limit to the creativity and variety of playground markings, with companies providing designs that can be customised to a school’s ethos, syllabus, age group or branding. For educational markings, this can be as simple as adding educational games such as snakes and ladders or multiplication grids, which will reinforce classroom learning in a fun outdoor setting.

The right company will work with you to transform your playground into a colourful and engaging space for the children in your care. They will create playground markings that are not only aesthetically pleasing but which are also safe and durable, and will ensure that they are fully compliant with all relevant health and safety laws. Contact a specialist today to get started on your playground line marking project! The results will be worth it – the bright colours and games that will be created will be enjoyed by children for years to come.