Unmetered Server – Great For Cheap Bandwidth

Unmetered server

Unmetered server is a self-defined term which denotes a Dedicated hosting service where a physical or sometimes a virtual web-hosting instance is attached to some Internet connectivity port and all the usage done by the users is not accounted in the monthly service charge. The main difference between Unmetered and Unlimited Bandwidth. In Unmetered hosting there is no restriction on the number of clients you can host on one server. On the other hand in Unmetered dedicated server there are no limitations on the number of clients you can host. With the unlimited bandwidth for the hosting provider can manage several sites on one server but in this case the server performance may suffer.

There are many hosting providers who offer Unmetered dedicated servers at discounted prices. The main reason behind offering these servers at discounted price is to attract more customers. Due to heavy competition in the web hosting industry, many hosting providers have reduced the charges considerably. In fact many Unmetered hosting providers actually offer free domain names with the purchase of a plan.

Bandwidth and Unmetered server: Unmetered server uses real-time rate that indicates the rate at which data is being transferred from one web page to another. This service is provided at variable bandwidths that helps to choose an appropriate bandwidth for your website. For example the standard rate is 8mbps but if you get a package that includes higher bandwidth limits you can easily go for unlimited unbundled options. The biggest advantage of Unmetered Bandwidth is that it provides the same quality as the shared broadband connections. The higher the bandwidth limit, the faster the web pages load.

Now let’s talk about the types of Unmetered server hosting plan that you can avail. The two most popular forms are the Colocation and the Managed Dedicated Servers. In Colocation plan, the client installs their own servers and it is managed by the hosting provider. On the other hand in Managed Dedicated server the entire web space is managed and catered to by the hosting provider and clients have control over their own websites. Some of the popular types of Unmetered servers are the collocation dedicated servers and the windows reseller hosting plans.

Collocation servers are great for small business owners as they can have control over their own servers and they don’t have to share with any other clients. However these Unmetered servers require considerable amount of space and bandwidth. Windows reseller hosting plan comes under the collocation category and is ideal for hosting personal blogs and forums. In this plan, the server is housed on the premises of the client and there is no restriction on bandwidth overage charges.

If you want to have a server with high-bandwidth with comparatively lower cost then Unmetered dedicated server hosting is the best choice for you. In this type of plan you pay according to the usage. You may be able to access the site at a higher speed for a limited period. On the other hand, if you use less than one gigabyte of data per month then the whole bandwidth would be consumed and it would not be available to you. Therefore, if your website has a high demand of bandwidth and if you don’t mind paying more monthly charges then Unmetered dedicated server would be the best option for you. As you would get guaranteed service for a certain period of time, you would not worry about the unavailability of bandwidth overages.