Personal Injury Attorney With a Focus on Car Accident Law

A personal injury attorney with a focus on car accident law helps victims recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and vehicle damage. They also work with insurance companies to negotiate fair settlements. A good car accident attorney knows how to accurately value a claim by comparing medical bills and analyzing the victim’s daily activities and pain and suffering. In addition, they understand New York’s rules regarding comparative negligence, which reduces the amount of compensation a client receives based on their percentage of fault for the accident.

When an accident occurs, a victim may not realize that they have suffered injuries until later. This means that they could be missing out on the full amount of compensation that they are entitled to. A good car accident lawyer will carefully review all of a client’s medical records, X-rays and imaging studies, as well as all current and future treatments and therapies. In addition, they will request narrative medical reports from the treating physicians that detail the injuries, treatment, initial diagnosis, prognosis and disability information.

An experienced carĀ Accident attorney with a focus on personal injury law will also analyze any applicable insurance policies, including PIP benefits, liability coverage, Uninsured Motorist (UM) and Underinsured Motorist (UIM) coverage, as well as health insurance policies. This will help them determine if there are any gaps in coverage that need to be addressed.

If a client’s medical records and auto accident report indicate that they have sustained serious and disfiguring injuries, their car accident attorney will prepare a demand letter to the at-fault party’s insurance company. This will include a detailed listing of all damages, ranging from medical expenses to lost earnings and vehicle repair costs. The letter will also include a calculation of the victim’s loss of consortium, which is the diminished enjoyment of life that the injured person suffers due to the negligence of another.

When a demand letter is sent, the accident lawyer will usually begin informal negotiations with the defendant’s insurance company to reach an agreement on a fair settlement. However, if the insurer fails to respond or makes a lowball offer, the accident attorney will file a lawsuit in order to escalate the case. By formally filing a legal action, the involved parties will incur additional legal fees and expenses, which sometimes pushes them to settle.

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