Three Easy Tips For Fulfilling Your Love Shower Showerrah

This is the second part in a series of articles on the power of ‘Shayariful Love’. In the first article, I wrote about ‘Shayari Dhams’, or ‘Shayari Metta’, which translates as ‘itta’ and ‘dham’. In this one, I will explain what ‘Shayari’ means in full. When you hear or read the word ‘Shayari’, you should understand that it means ‘to love’. But how do we love? Click here now.

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The dictionary defines it as a profound and lasting form of love that develops through conscious effort and emphasis on what one desires most from another. However, in today’s world where there is so much stress on material possessions and earning that we have lost the ability to focus on the things that truly matter in life. In fact, one of the biggest challenges we face in life is the lack of self-love. The more we try to gain things for ourselves through the process of earning, the more our resources dwindle.

In order to recharge these resources, one has to learn to let go of our attachment to money. By letting go of our attachment to the material world, we allow space for love to develop. Money may be an important part of who we are, but it doesn’t define us. If we want to be truly loved, we have to drop our attachment to it.

Meditation is one way to free your mind from all the mental compulsions of the moment. Once you free your mind, you get time to think only about ‘You’. ‘You alone are entire’. It’s very difficult to concentrate when your mind is consumed with what else other than you.

The way I remember my life used to be when I was still single and free. Life seemed perfect then because all my thoughts were me. As I grew in my experience and knowledge, that was before I began my transformation. As I got older, my mind kept wandering to what other people thought of me. That’s when I started having panic attacks and I thought my life was over because I couldn’t face the world anymore.

When you’re always telling yourself that life is too short, how do you expect yourself to live a happy and meaningful life? The way I looked at life was as a prison cell. That’s why I ended up getting so obsessed with what other people thought of me, and that’s why I ended up living in fear all the time.

This is something we need to avoid. Avoidance is one of the major causes of a variety of addictions and disorders in our lives. The more we try to get our hands on all the things we desire the more we get obsessed with them. The more we push our lives to the limit and beyond, the more we get obsessed with making it happen. The more we use our energy to chase after our desires and dreams the more we become focused on achieving them rather than living our lives with joy and contentment.

Instead of always thinking about the things we can have, we should start by imagining the things we already have. Focus on what makes you feel joyful, contented and complete. Then imagine what it would feel like if you were able to enjoy those things right now. When you think about this kind of thing, it makes your heart overflow with happy and positive emotions. Instead of chasing after your desires and dreams, you should simply give yourself permission to live with joy and contentment right now.

The second step towards achieving this type of love is to be honest with yourself. Realize that you do have good and valid reasons for wanting what you don’t have yet. Don’t act on impulse or pity your shortcomings. Always remember that there are plenty of people who still have everything they want in life. If you are not convinced that you can achieve the life you want, then you should keep reminding yourself of all the people and circumstances in your life that you can count on and rely upon.

The last thing you can do is to always keep a positive attitude. A person’s actions do speak louder than words. So when you feel down or sad, take a deep breath and focus on the bright side of life. Instead of focusing on all the negative aspects of your life, remind yourself of all the things you have done to reach where you are today. By focusing on the positive, you will be able to find the courage to look at your shortcomings and figure out how you can improve on them.

Finally, always be thankful to those who have supported you throughout your journey. Do not underestimate the strength of friends and family. They may have faced some difficult situations in life but they always believed in you and helped you achieve what you want. Therefore, it is their bounden duty to make sure that you can attain your goals. Make it a point to spend at least 30 minutes a day thanking those who have been by your side. It will definitely pay off.